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In the business of digital marketing, the maintenance of public relations is considered to be very significant. We understand that our clients need to have a friendly relationship with their customers so that the customers remain satisfied and attracted to the products or services. Many renowned company owners thus depend largely on us to maintain public relations. We are a design-driven creative agency in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and are associated with the world of digital marketing for more than 10 years with the best team dedicated exclusively to the management of Public Relations.

Digital PR: Digital PR strategy has proved to be a powerful one that is concerned with the improvement of a brand’s online presence, accompanied by visibility. Our digital PR experts focus on transforming static information into conversations. Apart from it, we also provide the opportunity to our clients to directly speak or interact with their target audience, thereby spreading information about their products more quickly than ever before.

Traditional PR: Many of our clients approach us with doubt regarding the relevance of traditional PR in this digital world. Though it seems to be irrelevant, the impact of traditional PR is something that can’t be ignored. It is so because, in our country, a large number of the population is still depending on timeless advertising channels such as TV, radio, newspapers, and billboards. Thus, people are still gulping content with the help of these mediums. Therefore, though traditional PR is considered to be outdated according to some digital marketing specialists, we strongly believe it can still be used as a powerful weapon to increase brand awareness and credibility.

Above-the-line activities (ATL): ATL activities in advertising are considered to have a wide reach and it does not apply to any specific audience. It is thus, non-targeted. While dealing with ATL advertising, our experts focus primarily on building the brand with the proper application of mass marketing and may include audiences from youth to old age. The main objective of this type of advertising is to make sure the brand name successfully reaches each and everyone- be it relevant or irrelevant, to build the brand. Some of the mediums that are being used for ATL advertising are TV, radio, print media (newspaper and magazine), outdoor advertising (Flags, Banners, Wraps, Billboards).

Below the line activities (BTL): BTL advertising is just the opposite. It focuses primarily on the target audience to increase brand awareness and credibility. Thus, it is also called a direct marketing strategy as it relies more on conversions rather than building the brand. Our experts while focusing on BTL advertising utilize mediums such as direct mail marketing (e-mail, text messages) because these are tailor-made messages describing the brand and what it offers. Another medium is sponsorship, which involves partnerships with different corporates or events to grab more impressions. Besides, In-store marketing strategies are equally impactful to get back the most return out of the investments.

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We do as PR specialists?

Our dedicated team of experts tends to handle a lot of pressure while preparing strategies for PR campaigns in digital marketing. They continuously need to improvise, evolve and apply a wide range of tactics to make customers believe in a particular product. In this way, we gradually increase a client’s web presence so that the customer can share the online content related to that product with other users, thereby increasing brand awareness. Some of the basic duties and responsibilities that we perform are as follows:

01 .
Preparing online press releases
02 .
Building relationships with online journalists as well as bloggers so that online press coverage can be generated within a short span of time
03 .
Arrangement of business profiling
04 .
Organizing online reviews and interviews
05 .
Optimization of press releases with relevant links so the company’s website can be backed
06 .
Reaching out to social media influencers as well as bloggers to derive mention on the influencer’s social media accounts as well as blogs
07 .
These special mentions help customers to know about a particular product or service and thus, gives a boost to the establishment of the company of our client's online
08 .
As a consequence, our clients end up receiving high-quality backlinks
the process . . .
An amalgamation of Digital
and Traditional PR

Since both traditional as well as digital PR are necessary to promote or establish relations between a brand and customers, we try our best to create a fusion and implement strategies involving both of them so that the maximum number of audiences can be attracted. Our main aim is to take the company of our client to a point where it becomes recognizable and relatable.

Since we are a part of the digital age where companies need to encounter the sea of competitors that are constantly growing, establishing a brand name can be a very difficult task. But our panel of digital PR experts applies unique tactics to increase brand visibility and take part in the ongoing competition.

why decode house . . .
Why consider us to
maintain PR?

We understand the importance of brand promotions to launch a particular brand or service into the world of marketing and to maintain the relevance of the product. We apply both digital as well as traditional PR techniques to increase brand awareness and credibility.

We, as a team, refrain from taking the satisfaction of grabbing customers’ attention only. Because, our primary goal is not only to grab their attention, but address their queries, solve them at the earliest, and provide smooth, hassle-free, and quick but reliable service. Our unique and effective strategies have been designed in a way so that your brand seems to be relevant not only to your target audience but also to the media. We continue with our strategies till the time your brand has an instant recall.