Digital Marketing
The Hand
Embroidery Co.

The first store of this esteemed company dated back to the 1950s in South Bombay when it was known by the name of R D Zari Emporium. Back then, the Hand Embroidery Co established itself in Mumbai as one of the best saree retailer from all over the country and drew many loyal customers due to their benevolent and amicable nature. But later, its founder Suraj Punjabi decided to take his passion of dealing with grandiose variety of garments one step forward and gift the city of Mumbai one of the most reliable and infallible Hand Embroidery companies- The Hand Embroidery Co.

We have been associated with the founder since the time when transformation of R D Zari Emporium into The Hand Embroidery Co was only an idea. The founder wanted a strong, vigorous and tenacious brand identity so that the target audience always remain adhered to this company and attract others too. Hence, we approached the Hand Embroidery Co with an aim to engender a bold, commendable and estimable symbol that was familiar and immediately discernible. We projected the entire idea to a visual language that stiffened the brand and evolved a sophisticated technology vibe through the icon/illustration style. Hence, we created a modern-classic brand with an incentivizing design that permeated all aspects of marketing.