Influencer Marketing
Red FM Red Raas Campaign

Red FM is one of the largest networks of Indian radio having its headquarter in Chennai and is owned by Chennai-based Sun Group. This network is known to entertain people of all age groups and extend it in various Indian languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Telegu, Assamese, Kannada and Malayalam. Red FM believes in highlighting the Indian culture and tradition and thus, decided to run a Navratri campaign and make people participate in it to double the fun and excitement a festival brings in.

We collaborated with Red FM and learned profoundly their vision of the way they want to project their campaign. Thus, we picked 27 influencers from different parts of India and entrusted them with the promotion of this campaign called “Red Raas” so that it can reach the target audience. Influencers donned festive outfits and posted stories regarding the same, thereby making the campaign successful.