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P.H. Medical

Serving mankind for more than a decade now, P.H. Medical Centre is one of the trusted and reputed medical institutions in Mumbai, Maharashtra with a team of dedicated staff who have meticulously designed the facilities of this institution to curate a patient-focused environment because they adhere strictly to the policy of providing personal attention and maximum comfort to their clients equally.

There is an exclusive number of screening rooms for the patients so that health-related examinations can be conducted by keeping privacy and seclusion intact. Since its inception in the year 2010, P.H. Medical Centre has been believed to be serving personally prepared meals to make patients feel homely and also offering pocket-friendly medical packages, along with same-day results.

We had a deep conversation with the owner of this esteemed institution Dr. Vivek Jain to learn more about their journey of establishing themselves and winning the trust of people within quite a short time with their hospitality and sincere devotion to serving mankind. He seemed to be very sure and confident of the way he wanted his medical institution to be seen. Unlike many clients, he wasn’t confused and was very firm regarding the goals as well as objectives of P.H. Medical Centre which helped us greatly in understanding his vision and then working on it efficiently. For him, quality matters the most because he was not at all concerned about expanding his institution's wings or branches in different parts of the country. Rather, he wanted the services offered by his medical institution to be top-class and superior as well as unbeatable.

We were briefed to develop a strong identity for P.H. Medical Centre with a new approach to attract the target audience. We imagined this medical institution as a bold, modern brand that signals not just a new technology, but a new paradigm for how users interact with this medical centre. We aimed to establish this institution as a brand that can speak for itself. Due to our continuous efforts and unique strategies, this esteemed medical institution successfully reached its target audience, the brand visibility and the curiosity among people to gather more information about the services offered by P.H. Medical Centre increased to a great extent. Not only it helped people to learn deeply about this institution, but it also proved beneficial for the latter to be distinctive in the crowd of a large number of medical institutions in Maharashtra so that they can achieve their goal of serving mankind and always being approachable to their patients.