Top web design trends to watch out for in 2023
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Trends have the capacity to inspire designers to find new ways of designing rooted in their unique perspectives and identities. Our designers use trends to find inspiration to create sites and projects for clients that stay current and connect with modern audiences. In the year 2023, the standout theme is the shift toward more immersive experiences.

Unique cursors:

If you were online during the 90s and early 2000s, you might have enjoyed playing with endlessly entertaining cursor effects like the clock, fairy dust, or ghost trail. Y2K is considered to be a fun time in the history of cursor graphics. In 2023, custom cursors are going to trend and these cursors can use an original image as an icon, or they can use animated effects to create an interactive experience.


Though it was originally a technological necessity in the early days of computers, it has now become an aesthetic as Y2K makes its resurgence. Recently, our designers have been using pixelation in fonts, icons, and images to add visual interest.

Custom typefaces:

Our designers have focused more on creating typefaces or custom lettering for personal or client projects as a way to stand out. Designs that center-around type have been a trend for a few years now, so this style continues the trend while bringing it to a whole new level of originality. It is to be noted that there are no fixed or specific designs or styles that will dominate universally, hence, our designers believe in incorporating their own touches from anything and everything- poster design, graphic novels, real-world materials, and even their own lives.

Illustrations with dimensionality:

With the rise of the metaverse, illustrations that mimic the virtual world are coming into fashion- with 3D illustrations and Claymorphism leading the way. Current sites are designed in a more immersive way by adding dimensionality and pulling users into cyberspace by adding animations, full-page effects, and multi-layered illustrations.


The metaverse can be defined as an idea, an interactive digital space, and a new online world. It may be hotly debated, but that just means it is increasingly top of mind. It is a form of virtual reality. Our web designers are now taking their inspiration from the metaverse to build an all-encompassing 3D style for their page that includes everything from illustrations, backgrounds, text, and even cursors. The incorporation of interactions and animated effects are also prominent, making the site feel more interactive.

“Just for fun” interactions:

This year, we are more into interactions that are “Just for fun” and don’t serve any particular purpose besides adding to the experience of a website. These sorts of interactions let users play with a site and enjoy it, thereby bringing that experimental wonder to sections of a larger site.

Loading animations:

Loading animations were in demand in the early days but fell out of style for a long time. Thus, our designers have begun to incorporate loading screens into their designs again and now, this “loading animations” thing is in trend. However, this resurrection of the loading screen comes from the rising popularity of interaction, animation, and immersive website designs.